10 Things I Love About Running

Nov 21, 2014 |

runningAs a veteran runner I thought it would be a good idea to make a list of the things I love about running.

Hopefully this list can inspire others to start running as a hobby.

Here are my ten things I love about running:


How To Stay Connected to Running-Even When Injured

Oct 10, 2014 |

jogger-guy-running-with-sunStay Connected to Running-Even When Injured

This post is about what to do when you are injured and but want to stay active.

Stay Connected

(online or face-to-face)

Many runners when they are injured (whether it is running related or not) have the tendency to isolate themselves away from other runners and stop participating in a community that they were so active in before they were injured. Especially if the injury will mean a long period of not running.


Elliptical Workouts for runners that are injured

Nov 21, 2014 |

jogger-guy-running-with-sunFormerly, I supplied some sample workouts built to help in keeping you meet during time off from training and took a look at the advantages of aqua jogging for injured runners. Sadly, not all runners can take good advantage of aqua jogging when they have been injured as it needs deep water that isn’t always easily accessible. You may be wondering, what’s another greatest cross-training option for runners? The answer is, elliptical workouts.

Light Jogging For Wounded Runners On the Elliptical

It is possible to track and alter, and the motion of the elliptical strongly mimics running type, but lacking the impact your intensity level. Moreover, elliptical machines are widely accessible most health clubs, making them an easy cross-training alternative.

I will also summarize several workouts to maintain your fitness as well as your heart pounding whole.

The Advantages Of Elliptical Training

There’s absolutely no precise cross-training replacement for jogging, but similar fitness gains can be provided by elliptical training for injured runners or the ones that should cross-train to supplement mpg (read some elliptical reviews here). While direct comparisons between jogging and elliptical training are restricted in scientific research, I did uncover some information about jogging and elliptical preparing compare.

In a single study, researchers compared heart rate, energy cost, and oxygen consumption when exercising in the same perceived degree of exertion. Therefore, the researchers reasoned that “during a combination training or contest-unique training period, an elliptical apparatus is an appropriate choice to your treadmill.”

Can not run? You can nevertheless train!

A 2004 study reviewed the obvious differences in heart rate to the treadmill when compared with the elliptical machine. Therefore, the researchers reasoned that using RPE as a measurement of exertion can create to jogging, fitness effects similar.

The outcomes of the studies that are small indicates that while the elliptical isn’t for running an ideal substitution, it allows one to keep some degree of fitness during time off from training.

The sole possible drawback to the elliptical machine for injured runners is the fact that some harms might nevertheless aggravate, regardless of having less impact. Those injuries include achilles harms, stress fractures, also IT group problems. Be attentive when on the elliptical, and pay attention to your own body.

Try Elliptical Eorkouts

So, to the elliptical, lower the resistance and incline for simple elliptical sessions and breaks between periods in order to keep a rhythm of 90 RPM. Some elliptical machines quantify step speed, which quantifies both legs, hence the step speed would 180.

How can I prepare via an injury?

The varieties of elliptical sessions ought to be employed for healing between hard work outs (only as if you want in jogging) or general care if you are not injured and using the elliptical to supplement mpg.

Generally, you need to repeat your time running on a mean simple day by having an equivalent period of time in the elliptical. Therefore, in case your simple jog that is regular is 45-50 minutes you’d elliptical for 45-50 minutes. I favor an incline that is lesser since it more closely mimics the movement that is running.

“Medium” Work Outs

That is what you’d consider a pace run attempt that is hard.

The varieties of elliptical sessions are ideal for runners that wish to perform more extreme work outs and are injury prone, but can not add their training combination and the volume without becoming injured. In addition , they are great “care” days for injured runners. These workouts can help to keep up your pulse, but aren’t so tender that they can’t be performed by you . To create the work outs shorter or longer, just fix the amount of repeats.

  1. 10:00 warmup, 6 x 5:00tough/3:00 simple, 5:00 cooldown
  2. 10:00 warmup , 1,2,3,4,5,6,5,4,3,2,1 minutes tough w/2:00 healing between all, 5:00 cooldown

“Difficult” Work Outs

That is regarded as speed work out kind or a VO2max of work. Again, purpose for keeping 90 RPM and raise the resistance to reach the required effort level.

Tough exertions are great for injured runners who should keep up fitness and prepare difficult to get back in shape quick. Healing is still needed by you despite the fact that the impact is minimized.

  1. 10:00 warmup, 20:00 medium tempo, w/90 difficult 3 x 3:00 -seconds recovery between repetitions, 5:00 cooldown
  2. 10:00 warmup of 5:00 medium attempt, 2:00 tough, sets, 3 5:00 medium, 2:00, 2:00 difficult simple cooldown, 5:00

Cross- upping the strength and training may be rough, notably when you are injured or need to be boosting your volume. By executing some elliptical training in your routine, you will emerge with nominal fitness reduction out of your harm and challenge your aerobic system with no beating.

Choosing the right Elliptical For Your Work

I had to make a choice between two types of machines I was thinking about, the former a very cheap machine that I could take with me on trips while the second one is a premium elliptical that cost quite allot, is not very portable but offers excellent workouts while I am home. The two elliptical are the Gazelle Edge (read the review here) and the more powerfull elliptical that I ended up buying is the Sole e35 which has been a great buy and has given me so much in terms of keeping fit while I was out injured that I can’t really recomend it enough.

But I have been thinking about the Gazelle because I travell so much that I think it could be a great buy but we will see, I will keep you guys updated on this front.

About me playing golf and being a Creature of Habit?

Oct 6, 2014 |

7-habitsWe are such creatures of habit.

Do you have a certain daily routine that you follow and when you are not able to follow it, you feel stressed out because of it.

I am very lucky my daily routine has evolved into a pretty consistent and comfortable one, where I go at my pace, while continuing to get a lot done.

This morning I had to get up at 5:30 A.M. to make sure that I got to the hospital for my Dad’s procedure. So everything felt rushed and hurried, until around 9:00 when I was able to sit down in the cafe, while Dad was in the operating room.

What is my daily routine?

Wake up between 7:00 and 7:30 A.M., talk about what has to be accomplished during the day and then I get up and do my morning weigh-in (something I find that I need to do as a part of my personal accountability).

My Golf Net Routine

After that I go into my backyard and bring out my net return golf net (recomend this site for more info: and start hitting golf balls for about 20 minutes before I do some chipping and then putting. I am by no means a good golfer but starting the day by hitting balls it makes my day more focused and I really enjoy it, I don´t really play golf that often and the nearest hitting range from here is about 60 miles so a golf net is a great way for me to start the day.

Then Breakfast

When Iget back, inside I prepare breakfast – it is something I can cook . Since I retired I think there have only been 3 days that I haven’t had this meal.

  • 1/4 cup Oatmeal
  • 1tsp of Cinnamon & Ginger
  • 1/4 cup blueberries
  • 1 tbs Honey
  • a Banana
  • black coffee.


See I told you it was an easy meal to prepare – one that I can handle.  Yes I am boring, but this is something that I like and haven’t gotten tired of it yet.

I sit talk with TheWife, check email, look at Twitter, Facebook, Google+, etc., comment on blogs I have read and begin writing the first blog post of the day. Sometime between 9:30 and 10:00 we decide who is going on Bennie’s long walk and do morning chores. Bennie’s long walk usually is around 3 miles. If I don’t go on the walk, I continue working on the blog post and then go for my run. If go on the walk I run after lunch.

Lunch is usually right around noon and consists of a salad and leftovers from whatever we had the night before with a cup of green tea. Yes I help with the prep work, especially when the garden is going and we have fresh from the garden salads.

After lunch is when we usually do chores or work that is needed around the house. If everything is caught up I do my RunLog blog post, check my social media sites. Do a run around 2:00 if I didn’t in the morning.

Somewhere around 4:30 we clean-up and get ready for supper. TheWife usually cooks and I try to stay out-of-the-way. Depending upon the time we finish, I either help with cleanup or do Bennie’s last 1/2 mile walk.

The rest of the evening, I am working on the blog, doing something with social media, reading and relaxing.

Usually we are in bed between 10:00 and 11:00.

This is a very flexible and low-key schedule with a bit of free time to relax a little, that has developed over the last six months. I have grown comfortable and accustomed to it and when I have to change it, I feel a little out of sorts.

The reality is that

I know that I am very lucky that my retirement allows me to have this level of flexibility, but how about you – do you have a daily schedule that you generally keep and when you have to change it, does it throw you out of sorts?

Do you just go with the flow of the day if your regular schedule changes or do you get all frazzled and stressed, especially if you can’t fit your run in.

Yes I packed my running stuff and after I leave the hospital today I plan to go for a run. How far will depend on how stressed I am when I leave. I am hoping it will only be the scheduled 4.0, but after being in a hospital most of the day, you never know, I might need more.


Healthy Smoothies for Athletes

Oct 4, 2014 |

tired-runner-cartoonIf you run or engage in any other kind of sport, then you are most likely aware that you need extra nutritional supplementation for your body. This is necessary for it to function properly. Athletes usually require more nutrients compared to less-active people. All the physical activity demands more from their bodies, and in order to keep up with the high performance and recovery, they need to compensate with the right nutrients.

For optimal performance of the body, the runner must consistently intake the following seven essential nutrients: iron, magnesium, calcium, zinc, sodium, potassium and selenium. Many of the athletes accomplish replenishing all these essential nutrients by taking supplements or multivitamins. Personally, I have found it more beneficial disregarding this traditional approach and instead chose a blend of green or other kind of smoothies. I make them from dark leafy vegetables or fresh fruit.

Blending your smoothie at home you can create your own special drink by experimenting with the ingredients. Think of the fruits and vegetables that you fancy and then make up your own recipe. To make the smoothie you will need a blender. On Blender Judge you can check out the models that are popular and which are the best blenders right now. With the appliance at hand, you can easily make the healthy nutritious drink at any time and in just matter of



From Elliptical Machines to Triathlon Training: How to Prepare for a Triathlon Race

Oct 1, 2014 |

Triathlon RaceI recently bought an elliptical machine to have at home to help me train for my running and as a part of building up stamina for my triathlon program. So, I have been asked multiple times why I would choose to go for an elliptical machine rather than a bike given that in a triathlon you have to use a bike. My answer is simple, because  triathlon tests not only the speed but also the discipline and endurance all throughout the race so to train on different machines actually gives you a edge. After I work out on my Proform Hybrid I go out for a light jogging and then I take my bike and do a 10K before doing 1 mile swimming.

But here are five helpful tips when you are preparing for a triathlon race that everyone can use.

Five Helpful Methods When Preparing for Triathlon Race Events

Do you want to compete continuously in a 3-sport event? Why not try triathlon. Triathlon is composed of three major sport disciplines that include running, swimming, and biking. For how many years, this kind of sport or hobby has rapidly increased its fame with sport enthusiasts and even with nonprofessionals.

Better, faster, and more determined individuals are only a few of the characteristics needed for one to be able to win in triathlon competitions. Triathlon is not a simple task where an average Joe can endure all the intense obstacles of the race. It requires perseverance, determination, utmost willpower, endurance, and stamina. That being the case, here are a few methods to help one prepare for triathlon events:


Getting Acquainted with Basic Triathlon Gears

Aug 10, 2014 |

triathlon_girlI have decided to try out triathlon and after doing some research and doing some testing with my exercise plans I have noted down the most important aspects to keep in mind when training as well as what gear is important. I thought I would share with you guys my results.

Use Proper Triathlon Gear

The importance of wearing the proper triathlon gears is that allows triathletes to perform aerodynamics at their very best. Gears that are made for triathlons are not just gears that are worn for display during the race. The main goal of triathlon gear usage is to maximize speed without any delay or discomfort to a person participating in triathlon events.

Triathlon for starters is very challenging and a difficult kind of sport. With that said, athletes in triathlon must withstand and outwit the hardship of the race, which primarily requires optimum health; mind and body. So, for one to be able to succeed with the different trials associated with triathlons, proper triathlon gears must be used.

Tri Running Gears

  • Hat – It is a protective gear for either hot or cold weather, a hat can protect a triathlete from direct sunlight and raindrops. Some athletes in a triathlon prefer to wear visors.
  • Hydration Pack – Keeping hydrated at all times to prevent exhaustion and dehydration must be properly observed during the race. A hydration pack is the perfect gear that is placed around the waist of triathletes; this is where a water container is attached intended for drinking.